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Moments of Win

As a former high-school cheerleader, I approve of this pep rally:

Also, the Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest results are up. For those not native to the DC area, for the past four years, the Washington Post has this contest where you make little dioramas using the marshmallow Peeps they sell around Easter. It can be a scene from a movie, a TV show, various news items from the past year, or whatever the heck you want; the only qualification is that it must have Peeps in it. People always get super creative with this, but I think this year's entries are the best ever.


WE WON!!!!!!
Though it was pretty touch and go at the end; I was really nervous for our chances. I'm just glad we played like Baylor and not like Georgetown and Vandy. My bracket is a little worse for wear after last night; in addition to the Ohio upset-seriously, what the heck, Georgetown?-four of my other picks-UTEP, Texas, UNLV, and Marquette-are out. However, Washington beating Marquette actually works out because I think we'll have a better chance beating Washington than we would have had against Marquette. But man, I still can't believe that Georgetown/Ohio game. My whole house was pulling for Georgetown because that's where my dad went; my older brother couldn't believe they lost.

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And this is for spastic_visions , because as messed up as your bracket is now, it could be worse: you could've had Nick Backstrom's bracket.

Dear Dave Steckel,



Dear Nick Backstrom,

Sweetie, they're the Hoyas, not the Bulldogs, though I do understand how you could have made that assumption.

Just so you know,
Journey likes the Caps too


Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day! We had corned beef, cabbage, and green mashed potatoes yesterday, as per our family tradition, but since both of my parents were working, it wasn't as intense as it was in the past.

*Fun trivia fact for you all: corn beef and cabbage is totally an American thing; my mom says that when she was a child, they usually ate turkey instead.

March Madness started today, and I have to say, I feel pretty good about my bracket. My final four is Kansas, Syracuse, Duke, and UNM-what? A girl can dream!-and I have Kansas beating Duke to take it all. I can't wait to watch the game against Montana tonight.

All in all, it's been a pretty awesome spring break. So far I've gone to Shamrock Fest(an all day Celtic rock festival-pictures shall be coming once I get back to school), visited a couple friends, went to Panera and Five Guys, found a new pair of sun glasses, and went to the dentist. Now all I have left on my to-do list is hit up Nathan's for some ice cream and go to the National Zoo.
partyhat!Sam will never get old

Happy Birthday blue_hobbit and Dave Steckel!!!!!

Today is the birthday of two extremely awesome individuals, so it is definitely cause to celebrate.

The first one is blue_hobbit who is one of the sweetest individuals you will ever meet. She always has a kind word to say and sends the most adorable cards. Anyways, on occasion, she also posts cute animal pictures. I hope you have an incredible day, and here is a collection of precious animals for your birthday!

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It's also Dave Steckel's birthday. Steckel is my absolute FAVORITE HOCKEY PLAYER EVER. In my opinion, he's super-underrated, and he always delivers an incredible performance on the ice. Of course, the fact that he's freaking adorable doesn't hurt. So, you get a Steckel spam today in honor of his birthday.

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partyhat!Sam will never get old

Happy Birthday muses_circle!!!!!

So, I fail at life and forgot it was muses_circle 's birthday yesterday. Anyways, I hope that you had a splendid day, and here's a little something to make you laugh:

Old Spice Actor Recites Lines In His Sleep — And To Ellen

Just to clarify, it's the guy from the Old Spice commercials where he's on a horse at the end, and he gives quite the charming interview.

Journey likes the Caps too

They think he's a righteous dude.

God, I hate shootouts; they always end with me clutching my pillow and peering through my hands to see if the shots went through, and more often than not, they end in tears. That being said, I'm glad our fourth line(original flavor) was back together again, and that was a gorgeous play by Stecks for Poti's goal. Hopefully, Bruce will remember that when picking lines for Wednesday. Also, I'm guessing that that's one of the better games Turco's played in a while, if those trade rumors from earlier are to be believed, so good for him.

In regards to last night's Oscars: not all of my favorites won, but I think the awards went to deserving people-yes, even Sandra. Although, can NPH host them next year? Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin had so much potential as co-hosts, but it kind of fell flat in my opinion. Also, Jeremy Renner and Gabourey Sidibe are adorable, though that's not really news.

One way my life is awesome: today I watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off. FOR SCHOOL. AND I ACTUALLY LEARNED SOMETHING FROM IT. Taking this film class was the best decision I ever made.
TRUFAX (except not really)

Just Call Me Dr. Frankenstein

I may have created a monster. I was watching the highlights from last night's game when my roommate asks me I'm doing. I told her what I'm watching, and next thing you know, she wants to know more about hockey! Well, right now it's mostly just me showing her checking players out and rating them according to their looks, but she is impressed by the skill involved. So far, her favorites are Steckel, Jose Theodore, and Tomas Fleishmann-her logic: "He's ginger and has an accent". Also, she has declared hockey to be one of her top sexiest sports. Yeah, I don't even know. I've been trying to get her to understand that there's more to the game than objectifying the players just on their looks, but I think that'll just come with time.

In regards to last night''s game, I'm glad that we won and that Scott Walker got those two goals, but I am less than thrilled that Steckel and Bradley weren't playing. I get that we have two new forwards, but that forth line had been doing so well; it seems a bit weird to disrupt that. However, Bruce did say this morning that Stecks wasn't feeling so well lately, so it's probably for the better that he got some rest.

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This is nothing short of EPIC (or maybe I should say FETCH, considering the subject matter). To whoever is responsible for this: You go, Glen Coco!

Finally,I have my bracket all filled out for f_march_madness; you can do one for yourself here. I did pretty well last time, and I feel pretty good about this year. I still think it's funny that I care about this one more, even though UNM has made it in this year for the first time in the history of our basketball program.

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